Secret Shuffle

A headphone party game, currently in development.

Wait, what?
Secret Shuffle is a headphone party game in which the players who dance to the same music have to find each other. Between 6 and 50 players download the app (iOS or Android), wear their headphones, pick a game mode and music pack, and dance!

Game modes?
Pairs, Groups, Split, and Fakers. We'll come up with a couple more. Like... freeze when music stops?

Songs from 50+ genres. Electronic, classical, hip hop, heavy metal, you name it!

$20 forever unlocks all content for all players joining you. No ads, trickery, or any free-to-play game bullshit.

Release date?
After the whole corona virus situation is over. Enter your name and email address below to get an email on release:

Who's making this?
Game designer Adriaan de Jongh (best known for Hidden Folks, Bounden, and Fingle), programmer Merlijn de Vries, producer Sandy Seifert, sound designer Yero Pharaoh, graphic designer Sim Kaart, and filmmaker Gilles van Leeuwen.