Secret Shuffle

A Headphone Party App

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Party Game

Wear headphones, dance clumsily.

The Secret Shuffle app synchronizes the music across all (4–60) players.

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Game Modes

Find others dancing to the same music, fake it, or freeze.

Change the rules every game with game modes like Pairs, Split, Fakers, Tree Huggers, Statues, and other hilarious ones.

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Music Packs

Dance to music, or to a refrigerator.

If you can hear it, you can dance to it. Electronic music, Classical music, Hip Hop, Salsa, Future Bass, Heavy Metal, but also animal sounds, environmental ambiences, and household appliances.

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Who’s making this?

A bunch of nerds came together specifically to make Secret Shuffle.

Contact us.

Email Adriaan & Sandy at hello@secretshuffle.com

Game Designer
Adriaan de Jongh

Sandy Seifert

Sound Designer
Yero Pharaoh

Graphic Designer
Sim Kaart

Gilles van Leeuwen

Contact us.

Email Adriaan & Sandy at hello@secretshuffle.com

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