Secret Shuffle's Privacy Policy

Hey — game designer Adriaan de Jongh typing here. Your privacy is important to me and I try to respect your privacy rights to the best of my ability. This privacy policy explains what personal information I collect through Secret Shuffle's app, website, newsletter, or when you email me, and how that information is used. If you have any questions, please email me at the email address described on my website:

What information is collected through the app

For the avoidance of doubt, when I'm talking about 'the app' or 'the Secret Shuffle app' in this privacy policy, I'm talking about the Secret Shuffle app on iOS downloadable on the App Store or the Secret Shuffle app on Android downloadable on the Google Play Store. The app has the exact same features on either platform, hence why I talk about it as one thing.

There is only one place in the app where I may collect personal information, but only temporarily, and this information is not linked to your device or identity:

Other than that, I do not collect any personal information through the Secret Shuffle app. I do collect some information about your use of the app, but that information does not include any personal information:

Information collected through third parties

Because of the inclusion of third party software in Secret Shuffle, the app does collect some information that can be traced back to your device (but not to your identity). Therefore, by downloading and using the Secret Shuffle app, you agree to the collection and usage of this information. If you don't want this information to be collected and used, you should not use the app.

I disable as much information collection from third party software as I can, meaning: when the software allows me to disable specific information collection, I disable it, or when additional information collection is optional, I do not make use of that option. The Secret Shuffle app currently uses one third party SDK (software development kits):

What information is collected through the website

I do not collect any personal information through the Secret Shuffle website.

What information is collected if you email me

If you email me, I'll have your name, email address, and every bit of personal information you send me. I obviously need this information to respond to your inquiries. I leave the emails with your personal information in my email archive in case you reach out to me again, and don't share this information with anyone ever. If you wish for me to remove these emails and therefore the personal information in them, please send me an email after which I will delete all our correspondence.

What information is collected if sign up through the newsletter

Whenever you sign up for the Secret Shuffle newsletters with your name and email address, I store that personal information on my server. I only use that information to send you the occasional email, and do not share your information with anyone else. If you wish to withdraw your consent and signup, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email I send you or contact me, and I will remove all information I have of you.

Who am I, and how do you contact me?

The legal name of my company is the same as my name: Adriaan de Jongh. I am a registered Dutch sole proprietor under the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with number 62431323. I have not listed my home address here for my own privacy reasons, but this information can be requested through the Dutch Chamber of Commerce if necessary.

If you have any questions regarding my privacy policy or practices, please feel free to contact me by sending an email to the email address described on my website: